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Get your battery or electrical system tested today!
Get your battery or electrical system tested today!

Let’s face it: you can have the most meticulously maintained RV or vehicle on the road, but it won’t start without the right battery – properly installed and appropriately fitted – for your driving needs. Batteries are the highest-maintenance item that we service on an RV. They tend to get abused because people don’t know how or when to take care of them, and the electrical system of the RV may not be designed to optimize battery life.

Because batteries are the lifeblood of your electrical system, it’s essential that you have your battery tested prior to leaving for your trip. Auto Zone offers free battery testing, but if you are unsure of where you electrical issue is, then give us a call and we’d love to diagnose it for you.

We offer RV Services within a 100 mile range of Phoenix, Arizona. So if you are stranded with an electrical or battery failure, give us a call 24/7: 480.299.0207

From ignition to door locks, your car battery allows you to get from point “A” to point “B.” The following is a quick overview of the electrical systems that we commonly service:

  • Battery: Composed of a series of lead plates submerged in a 35% sulfuric acid/65% water solution, your 12-volt battery houses a chemical reaction that releases electrons through conductors, producing electricity which is then channeled into your RV or vehicle’s electrical system. The battery supplies electricity to all of the electrical system components, including the essential power required to start your vehicle. In periods of high demand, the battery also supplements power from the charging system.
  • Charging System: The charging system is the life force of your vehicle’s electrical system, consisting of three main mechanisms: the alternator, various circuits, and the voltage regulator.
  • Alternator: Provides power to the electrical system, and Recharges the battery when the car is running.
  • Circuits: Circuits act as conduits for electrical power. The voltage regulator controls the voltage passed through the circuits. Remember, all of these components require consistent attention and maintenance. It’s not just your battery that needs to be replaced; if any components fail, your power source is reduced to a lifeless, twenty pound paper weight.
  • Starting System: It may seem obvious that the starting system turns your vehicle’s engine on, but did you know that this process consumes more electrical power than anything else your car does? The starting system consists of three components working one after another. These components include: the ignition switch, the starter relay (or solenoid), and the starter motor.Get your battery or electrical system tested today!
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