Most modern age RVs come with the turn signal cameras to enable the driver to see down the sides when you put on the turn signal. This is a safety and protective apparatus to RV owners. Cases where these backup cameras are not pre-installed by the RV manufacturing company, the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Side Cameras could be installed by our team of technical experts to have the side cameras come on when a turn signal is engaged. Installing a backup camera in your motorhome can go a long way in ensuring your safety. These unique cameras help get rid of blind spots behind the vehicle and minimize the chances of road crashes, or making costly errors while driving.

According to vehicle accident reports, top causes of the derailment and most life-threatening crashes are night driving, unsafe lane changes, and impromptu swerves.

Since its invention and installations, RVers feel safe and could be easily seen by other road users with the aid of high-definition turn signal and backup cameras. These revolutionary cameras allow you to drive, park, and tow with confidence, without getting worried about black spots and visibility.


RV owners of today have a choice between a wireless backup camera system and wired backup camera systems to suit their needs and preferences. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks attached to each type, but if you’re thinking about a wireless backup camera for your RV, the simplicity and low cost may appeal to you even with the sacrifice of the image signal as a result of weather condition and quality.


  1. XROOSE Wireless Camera

For a reliable wireless camera with a dedicated monitor kit, consider utilizing advanced wireless technology by Xroose, to ensure a smooth and clear signal even at a speed of up to 75 miles. Also, the camera can operate without any interference caused by signal shut on and off.

Its advantages are as follows

  • Durable and weatherproof construction
  • Easy to install, mount and use
  • Display high definition pictures
  • One year replacement warranty against defect

Cons associated with it

  • Hardware is not weatherproofed and hence has the likelihood to be prone to corrosion


  1. Do honest best digital wireless cameras for RV

These set of backup cameras Features a 7-inch HD monitor with color TFT LCD display; the camera delivers strong signal through the aid of its antennas as well as crystal-clear image quality. Therefore, you can effortlessly reverse or park your motorhome without having to rely on the side mirrors. Also, the monitor includes a two-way video input categorized as V1 and V2. While the V2 is the default input designed for the current wireless. V1 is optional and allows for extra wireless front/rear wired or side view camera.


  • It can be set to work constantly while driving or just reversing
  • Usually has a two-year warranty, replacement service, and tech support service from the manufacturer
  • It works with a wide range of vehicles


  • Due to its signal strength, it has a possible wireless interference while driving.


  1. Rear View Safety RVS-770613

This specification features a three-channel multiplexer, in essence, it is designed to handle up to three cameras conveniently. Therefore, you can add two extra cameras to the system for better performance. Built with automatic switch to help control the camera’s view, 18 pack of infrared LED lights to aid, camera vision in the complete darkness of up to 50ft without relying on ambient light.


Pros associated with it include

  • It has the highest impact, vibration and a waterproof rating in the industry
  • The audio and picture quality is commendable
  • Has the capacity to accommodate up to three cameras
  • The auto-dimming feature works flawlessly


  • The camera installation is slightly time-consuming


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